MARVL is perfect for students learning English as a new language!

MARVL was designed for the one in four students who learn English as a new language when they begin school. Learning a new language requires learning thousands of new words! Learners typically have to be exposed to a new word as many as 12 times before they will remember it.

We know that students who speak other languages learn new English words best when provided supporting definitions in the first language. However, the US has a bilingual teacher shortage and over 300 different languages are spoken in our increasingly diverse classrooms.

MARVL is here to help with dual language instruction! MARVL supports learning new words in English and continuing development in the home language.

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✔ MARVL supports greater vocabulary learning for all levels of students

✔ MARVL is a stand-alone app that does not require teacher supervision

✔ MARVL is more interactive, more immersive, and more exciting!

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