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The MARVL Team
Dr. Sara A. Smith

Dr. Sara Smith, the inventor of MARVL, is an Assistant Professor in Foreign language and ESOL education with experience both teaching and learning new languages. Her favorite animal is the three-toed sloth! 

Murewa Olubela
Operations & Partnerships

A storyteller and perpetual learner, Murewa Olubela drives the business side of MARVL. She leverages her diverse background and skills to build relationships and drive growth. 

Dr. María Carlo
Curriculum Head

Dr. María Carlo is an Associate Professor in Child and Family Studies with experience creating bilingual curricula. She loves words that sound the same in Spanish and English but means different things! 

Dr. Sanghoon Park
Testing & Analytics

Dr. Sanghoon Park is an Associate Professor of Learning Design and Technology with expertise in Augmented Reality and learner motivation. He has worked on multiple AR/VR tools for education, and he loves how AR/VR turns learning science and language into a game! 

Skip Marshall
CEO of InTech Ideas
VP and CTO for Tribridge

As former HCM Technology Leader for DXC and former VP and CTO for Tribridge, Skip leverages two decades of HCM technology experience with a focus on learning and performance to help organizations execute their talent management strategies.

Clyde Snodgrass
CTO Rentit & CEO VinoNovo

Clyde Snodgrass is an entrepreneur and Inventor who is currently on his 5th app. Clyde is learning Polish and can’t wait to have Polish conversations with his mom!

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