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MARVL is a language instruction tool that provides evidence-based bilingual lesson and curriculum support.
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MARVL provides interactive, individualized instruction. Students learn from 3D characters who demonstrate concepts in their home language and English.

Immersive and Interactive.

Multiple language combinations.

Suitable for preschoolers to adults.

Remote learning or classroom.

Patent pending.

Children can learn on their own.

Using research-based best instructional practices, MARVL's animated characters teach, encourage, elicit interaction, and demonstrate concepts in both the new language and the first language.
In our research, we found kindergarteners showed trackable gains even after the first day of use and cascading benefits with parents.
Technology Enhanced
MARVL builds on the traditional flashcard with animated AR “teachers” who coexist in the learner’s environment.
MARVL’s AR “teachers” deliver child-friendly, interactive instruction in two languages. Children as young as 4 can learn on their own or together with a parent – even if the parent doesn’t speak English!
The MARVL app can be downloaded and used by teachers, families, or individual students.
Thanks to a versatile design, MARVL easily aligns with existing curricula. It can be used for solo learning, remote learning, or as a supplement to other lessons.
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