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< What is MARVL >
MARVL uses research-based best practices to teach vocabulary in a new language.


Visual and audio information are processed separately in memory, resulting in faster learning.

Interactive and Immersive

MARVL creates engaging experiences in which learners gain knowledge and interact with virtual characters.

Motivating and Fun

MARVL is fun and immersive. These interactive experiences result in higher motivation and better learning.

First language support

Animated teachers provide supporting definitions in the first language, resulting faster acquisition.

Remote learning

MARVL is perfect for remote learning and aligns with classroom curricula.


Children as young as 4 can learn on their own or together with a parent or teacher.
Using research-based best instructional practices, MARVL's animated characters teach, encourage, elicit interaction, and demonstrate concepts in both the new language and the first language.
In our research, we found kindergarteners showed trackable gains even after the first day of use and cascading benefits with parents.
Technology Enhanced
MARVL builds on the traditional flashcard with animated AR “teachers” who coexist in the learner’s environment.
MARVL’s AR “teachers” deliver child-friendly, interactive instruction in two languages. Children as young as 4 can learn on their own or together with a parent – even if the parent doesn’t speak English!
The MARVL app can be downloaded and used by teachers, families, or individual students.
Thanks to a versatile design, MARVL easily aligns with existing curricula. It can be used for solo learning, remote learning, or as a supplement to other lessons.
< How It Works >
MARVL is perfect for children learning English as a new language!

MARVL was designed for the one in four US children who learn English as a new language when they begin school. Learning a new language requires learning thousands of new words! Learners typically have to be exposed to a new word as many as 12 times before they will remember it.

We know that children who speak other languages learn new English words best when provided supporting definitions in the first language. However, the US has a bilingual teacher shortage and over 300 different languages are spoken in our increasingly diverse classrooms.

MARVL is here to help with dual language instruction! MARVL supports learning new words in English and continuing development in the home language.

Why It Works

MARVL is perfect for anyone from ages 4 to 104 who wants to learn a new language

MARVL supports greater vocabulary learning for all levels of student
MARVL is stand-alone app that does not require teacher supervision
MARVL is more interactive, more immersive, and more exciting!
< our_team >
The MARVL Team
Dr. Sara Smith, the inventor of MARVL, is an Assistant Professor in Foreign language and ESOL education with experience both teaching and learning new languages. Her favorite animal is the three-toed
Dr. María Carlo is an Associate Professor in Child and Family Studies with experience creating bilingual curricula. She loves words that sound the same in Spanish and English but mean different
Dr. Sanghoon Park is an Associate Professor of Learning Design and Technology with expertise in Augmented Reality and learner motivation. He has worked on multiple AR/VR tools for education, and he
Clyde Snodgrass is an entrepreneur and Inventor who is currently on his 5th app. Clyde is learning Polish and can’t wait to have Polish conversations with his mom!
302 Interactive is a Digital User Experience Lab with the mission to bridge cutting edge technology and the human experience.
< MARVL Accolades >
We Do Cool Stuff

Finalist of the 2020 Cade Prize

2020 USF Foundation Bull Ring Accelerator Grant recipient

2020 TechWomen Rising

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